Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa – First day

My first traveling fashion photoshoot was to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, capital of African fashion.

The idea came with my friend Micha Ewande, a Cameroonian stylist. She made me meet her friend Kathy Mingele, an African model. Kathy gave me many advices and some of her contacts in Abidjan. Without these 2 amazing girls, I couldn’t have started this adventure. Many thanks girls! Then, I looked for people and adresses through internet.

I took my flight and the story began 🙂 Firstly, we made a surprising stop to Bamako, Mali that wasn’t planed (people were crazy as we stopped there for hours, staying into the plane with 45°C outside lol). Then, once arrived to Felix Houphouet-Boigny airport everything went fine for visa and luggage but it took my taxi-driver 1 hour to find the modest hotel I booked through internet (booking.com I don’t recommend – see other trips, visa numbers stolen, rooms not looking at pictures, etc.). It was a rooming house actually: no water, no water into the toilets and tracks of previous people (…), dirtiness, no sheets on the bed, nothing actually except a light bulb (for 30€/night! – average salary in Ivory Coast is 250€)… It was dark night, but I decided to leave even if I am not that regarding and zen all the time. When leaving, carrying my luggage, I felt down into the stairs and hurt my knee (sprained – knee like a ballon during 10 days…), the pain made me passed out for few seconds! Oh dear, I am a black cat!!! Then, I thought everything will go fine from this point, and it almost will 🙂 I found through my traveling tourist guide book (‘Petit Fûté’) a modest but clean hotel with verrrry kind and helpful people – but nearly twice my budget (34,000XOF -> 52€/night – Hotel Ile Maurice).

Then I started to discover Abidjan and I met my contacts (with a limp lol).


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