Abidjan, Ivory Coast – 2nd photoshoot

Once everything organized I couldn’t wait for taking pictures!!! All the team met at BUSHMAN Cafe , the place that allowed us to realize this amazing photoshoot!

Patrick Edooard from BTendance came with 4 big luggages of stylists clothes from Abidjan he previously chose!!! I felt very excited by all those beautiful creations from Ange-Dady, Diana Rosin, Elie Kuame, Envy Boutique, Lewis Mardochee, Melyjah, Nackissa, Nikaule, Pelebe, Triple K., Samarra, Yale Woody, Yebe Design, Zango and this list is not exhaustive…

Please read the excellent BTendance article from the photoshoot with all references: BUSHMAN is ZO !!! The picture on the cover was published through EyeEm blog The Week on EyeEm 🙂

Ilias and Jean-Philippe were here to advise and to help on the shooting. Ami, Assetou, Fabien and Mathieu were our models ; amazing makeup artists were also there: Vivi and Macha. Thanks so much to each of you for your involvement and creativity! As I always say: it’s a team work, everything is possible all together with the same positive energy.

We worked more than 7 hours with 35°C as it’s to say it was a nuts day!!! but so unforgettable… I worked 50 hours on the photos once back home. One of my best and favorite fashion photoshoot ever!



Abidjan, Ivory Coast – preparing 2nd photoshoot and visiting

I meet Patrick Edooard Kitan, co-fonder & artistic director of BTendance Webzine . We got together at BAO café, a trendy afterwork place with nice music to chill out. After 2 minutes, it was like if we knew each other for years!!! Sometimes life makes good surprises 🙂 We spoke about our photoshoot to come: choice of location, mood book, models, styles and trends we both like… We definitely had an artistic connexion with ‘Monsieur Edooard’!!!

Then, we met with Patrick a second time at BUSHMAN Cafe an amazing place where Art is omnipresent thanks to Pascale and her husband! You feel immediately home in this place where European and African objets, paintings and music are so well mixed. We had a nice chat with Pascale and Ruth who both took a very good care of me, making me visit the rooms and the areas. I just had to pick-up my favorite ones for the photoshoot to come, I felt like a child opening Christmas presents!!! Thanks so much, I will be back for sure 🙂

Awaiting the photoshoot day, I took time to visit places in Abidjan. I went to Banco Park with its primary forest, I saw amazing butterflies there but it was too late to see monkies in wildlife… I had a look at Banco washers down to Banco Park in the river. There, I felt it was quite dangerous alone and I have to admit that people work in such conditions that I understand their aggressiveness towards tourists. I also went to Charles DonWahi Fondation, a quiet place with a beautiful Art museum. I spent a very nice moment at Debarcadere restaurant, closed to Palais de la Culture where a reggae festival took place. I visited St-Paul’s cathedral and Notre-Dame d’Afrique where I could feel people faith. Have a look below, whisking you enjoyed 😉



Abidjan, Ivory Coast – first photoshoot

Once in Abidjan, so kind Aka helped me to organize my first look around to Grand-Bassam, at east of Abidjan, on the way to Assinie. Then, I could see some nice spots where to take pictures. I’m always having a look on places and orientation of light before taking pics 🙂

I visited there Costume Museum with magical masks, costumes along time and following places in the country. It was nice! I discovered there also beautiful statues, photos from colonial period (that froze my blood), various ways how Ivorian villages are built… Hamed the driver and I then spent a nice time on the beach, watching people having fun,  playing music, children riding horses… I went to artist painters old house where I saw beautiful paintings (have a look there, Art is alive!!!). Getting out of there, an alcoholic man stole me few money in my purse…black cat lol

Once back to Abidjan, I went to Riviera to meet Kristine Bell, CEO of Kwayo Agency in order to introduce myself and present my previous work. Then we launched the first photoshoot with Juliana and Mandjalia, Lewis was our stylist. Mandjalia became Miss Ivory Coast 2017 few weeks after!!! Proud to have taken photos of her! We had a lot of fun and laughs to get prepared into a too small car (1m80 girls lol) and as it was 35°C 🙂 We went to places I previously saw along the beach and we finished the shooting at Wafou hotel, a nice place to refresh ourselves. Then we had a nice dinner all together, laughing and chatting. What a nice day thanks to God!!!


Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa – First day

My first traveling fashion photoshoot was to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, capital of African fashion.

The idea came with my friend Micha Ewande, a Cameroonian stylist. She made me meet her friend Kathy Mingele, an African model. Kathy gave me many advices and some of her contacts in Abidjan. Without these 2 amazing girls, I couldn’t have started this adventure. Many thanks girls! Then, I looked for people and adresses through internet.

I took my flight and the story began 🙂 Firstly, we made a surprising stop to Bamako, Mali that wasn’t planed (people were crazy as we stopped there for hours, staying into the plane with 45°C outside lol). Then, once arrived to Felix Houphouet-Boigny airport everything went fine for visa and luggage but it took my taxi-driver 1 hour to find the modest hotel I booked through internet (booking.com I don’t recommend – see other trips, visa numbers stolen, rooms not looking at pictures, etc.). It was a rooming house actually: no water, no water into the toilets and tracks of previous people (…), dirtiness, no sheets on the bed, nothing actually except a light bulb (for 30€/night! – average salary in Ivory Coast is 250€)… It was dark night, but I decided to leave even if I am not that regarding and zen all the time. When leaving, carrying my luggage, I felt down into the stairs and hurt my knee (sprained – knee like a ballon during 10 days…), the pain made me passed out for few seconds! Oh dear, I am a black cat!!! Then, I thought everything will go fine from this point, and it almost will 🙂 I found through my traveling tourist guide book (‘Petit Fûté’) a modest but clean hotel with verrrry kind and helpful people – but nearly twice my budget (34,000XOF -> 52€/night – Hotel Ile Maurice).

Then I started to discover Abidjan and I met my contacts (with a limp lol).




I am a frenchy photographer for years. I work for free for years and I learnt a lot and still learning everyday. Taking pics is my absolute passion, I just feel alive there.

As I am not paid, one day I decided to do only what I like. As a traveler-addicted, I made the choice to organize my fashion photoshoots everywhere I travel 🙂

I would like to share my adventures and experiences with you!

I am a 40’s girl traveling alone, which is always such a crazy thing! But each time I meet amazing people, even more when ‘adventures’ appears. Thanks so much each of you who feeds my ideas to make them becoming true!

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