Australia, QLD – Surfers Paradise for the 3rd photoshoot

After my first week to Rockhampton and Brisbane, I rent a car to go to Surfers Paradise then towards north to Hervey Bay (see next article). From Europe, this famous surfers huge beach looks like paradise! That’s why I wished to stop there for 1 night.

I booked an amazing hotel on the front beach to perform the photoshoot: Peppers Soul. Prices are ok compared to France or England, it’s a modern hotel – not that recent, but you pay the amazing view from 4th to 70th floor! To local residents, it was nice but “usual”; they explained they dream to see old buildings in Europe lol. On my side, it was like a dream: a huge one room apartment with a long balcony up to the sea… I woke up at 4:30am to see the sunrise!

There I met a very nice make-up artist and hairstylist Kristy Laura mua who helped me to organize the photoshoot ahead. She managed everything so well to get the 1st model Ella prepared in order to start on time. Then she took care of Hauwa ‘s make up and hair while I was shooting Ella. All 4 of us had good fun, playing with the environnement of this huge hotel to catch the best before sunset 🙂 Thanks so much girls! There were so many people there that we could go everywhere laughing like teenagers without being noticed! Please have an eye bellow 😉

You will also see some pics of places from Surfers Paradise to Bilinga (south). I’ve never seen such buildings along a beach! It was winter but I really appreciated the cool weather with this infinite blue sky above Coral Sea … people looked so relaxed and happy there even if it is a touristic place!


Australia, QLD – 1st photoshoot

I have dreamt to go to Australia from the age of 19… and at the honorable age of 43 I decided to get there on a whim! Life has to be lived 🙂 So I took my flights and as usual I organized some photoshoots ahead. I planned places to go along East Coast, stop points, car rentals and internal flights. I chose 3 different places to organize photoshoots along my 12 days trip (I know, it was really too short!).

I arrived to Brisbane totally out of order lol. And my luggage stayed to Abu Dhabi… usual little adventure of black cat (see previous articles)! I couldn’t get changed during 3 days, washing and drying my clothes with the hotel hair dryer… Then I flight to Rockhampton (about 650km at north) with my luggage hehehe. Just a detail, Rocky is the beef capital of Australia and I am veggie…

There, I planned a fashion photoshoot with a little girl, Emily. I found her on web by chance and it was a really sweet and amazing meeting with her mother Julie and her. Thanks God! A photo of Emily was published through Child Model Magazine !


As usual, I had a look around the day before the shooting. I also discovered places around. I well drove at left side (!) and visited Yeppoon, Emu Park, Mont Archer, Capricorn Caves and the amazing Rocky zoo. I saw my first kangaroo and hundreds of birds, it was like paradise to me! I spoke with extremely kind people all along, I still keep in touch with some of them.


London, England – the photoshoot day

After my day spotting places, two models – Ariel Thompson & Miguel Ruiz Rios – on three came for the photoshoot. It’s always a bet to book people when I am far away ; I never know what will happen 🙂

My friend Thib Ferrassou the hairstylist started his job. It was such a warm weather that we were sweating in this small room with the hairdresser on! As Miguel was ready first, we started taking pics inside the room to match the style we previously chose. Then we went into the hotel common area – Citizen M Shoreditch.

Once everyone ready, we went outside on some graffiti spots. We were addressed by a team making a music video and they asked Ariel and Miguel to be part of! So they will appear into it: singer Jermaine Jahovi.

Each model has his/her own style, so I have to be creative and to make their style matching my ideas. Environnement always help. And the most important thing to me is to have fun and to work in a good positive atmosphere so I loose kilograms of water each time lol. The result was awesome, many thanks the team!

Abidjan, Ivory Coast – 2nd photoshoot

Once everything organized I couldn’t wait for taking pictures!!! All the team met at BUSHMAN Cafe , the place that allowed us to realize this amazing photoshoot!

Patrick Edooard from BTendance came with 4 big luggages of stylists clothes from Abidjan he previously chose!!! I felt very excited by all those beautiful creations from Ange-Dady, Diana Rosin, Elie Kuame, Envy Boutique, Lewis Mardochee, Melyjah, Nackissa, Nikaule, Pelebe, Triple K., Samarra, Yale Woody, Yebe Design, Zango and this list is not exhaustive…

Please read the excellent BTendance article from the photoshoot with all references: BUSHMAN is ZO !!! The picture on the cover was published through EyeEm blog The Week on EyeEm 🙂

Ilias and Jean-Philippe were here to advise and to help on the shooting. Ami, Assetou, Fabien and Mathieu were our models ; amazing makeup artists were also there: Vivi and Macha. Thanks so much to each of you for your involvement and creativity! As I always say: it’s a team work, everything is possible all together with the same positive energy.

We worked more than 7 hours with 35°C as it’s to say it was a nuts day!!! but so unforgettable… I worked 50 hours on the photos once back home. One of my best and favorite fashion photoshoot ever!